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Kookaburras name Azlan Shah

Thursday, 13 April 2017 8:19:54 AM Australia/Sydney


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Kookaburras name Azlan Shah team



Author: Holly MacNeil/Wednesday, 12 April 2017/Categories: Hockey Australia NewsKookaburras

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 (Perth, Western Australia) – Hockey Australia today announced the 18 man Kookaburras team who will descend upon Ipoh, Malaysia later this month to take part in the annual Azlan Shah Cup. 

Returning to the team for the first time in 2017 is Kookaburras veteran Eddie Ockenden, along with Dylan Wotherspoon who both return from a stint playing in Europe,
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Hockeyroos defeat USA 3 - 1

Thursday, 6 April 2017 9:28:52 AM Australia/Sydney

Hockeyroos defeat USA 3 - 1

Hockeyroos defeat USA 3 - 1

Game 4 at Hawkes Bay Cup

Author: Holly MacNeil/Tuesday, 4 April 2017/Categories: Hockey Australia NewsHockeyroos

Tuesday, 4 April 2017 (Hastings, New Zealand) - Official Hockey Australia match report from the Hockeyroos' competition at the Hawkes Bay Cup.

Jane Claxton 7 (FG) 
Emily Smith 48 (FG) 
Ashlea Fey 50 (PC) 

USA 1 (0)
Kathleen Sharkey 43 (PC)  
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Just Hockey Helping to Put Hockey in South Australian Schools

Thursday, 6 April 2017 9:26:32 AM Australia/Sydney

Just Hockey Helping to Put Hockey in South Australian Schools

Just Hockey Helping to Put Hockey in South Australian Schools

 Author: JoseRab/Friday, 17 March 2017/Categories: Hockey SA NewsBanners

Hockey SA are grateful for the sponsorship support that Just Hockey provide which leverages our participation outreach and promotional activities. 

Under the sponsorship arrangements, Just Hockey have recently provided Hockey SA with three new school kits which now gives us a total of seven school kits, meaning Hockey SA coaches are able to get out in to as many as seven different schools and programs at the same time.

Each schools kit now includes enough hockey sticks, balls, bibs and cones for a full class to be part of a hockey session. 

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Hockeyroos defeat Japan 2-1

Tuesday, 4 April 2017 3:36:19 PM Australia/Sydney

Hockeyroos defeat Japan 2 - 1

Hockeyroos defeat Japan 2 - 1

Game 3 of Hawkes Bay Cup

Author: Holly MacNeil/Monday, 3 April 2017/Categories: Hockey Australia NewsHockeyroos

Monday, 3 April 2017 (Hastings, New Zealand) - Official Hockey Australia match report from the Hockeyroos' competition at the Hawkes Bay Cup.


Jordyn Holzberger 9 (FG) 
Madi Ratcliffe 11 (FG) 

JAPAN 1 (0)
Hazuki Yuda 46 (PC)  

The Hockeyroos have today taken out their first win of the Hawkes Bay Cup in Hastings, New Zealand, with a 2 -1 defeat of Japan.

It was a cracker of a first quarter for the Hockeyroos today as they scored two field goals within minutes of one another. The first went to Jordyn Holzberger in the 9th minute of play, the second to Madi Radcliffe in the 11th. 

The strong beginning to the game for the Hockeyroos was hindered by the Japanese defence, as the next two quarters went without goals as both teams pressed forward without any luck.

The final quarter saw Japan get their first goal of the match, forcing a penalty corner opportunity which was converted by Hazuki Yuda in the 46th minute of play.

Hockeyroos head coach Paul Gaudoin said: “We had a really good first half today, we applied ourselves as we wanted to and we got the rewards from that with two goals. 

“We struggled a little bit in the second half, but that will be a good half of learning for some of our younger group to improve upon going into our next game against the USA tomorrow.”

The Hockeyroos next play the USA on Tuesday, April 4 at 2pm AEDT / 12pm AWST. Keep up to date with the score by following @Hockeyroos on Twitter. 

The Festival of Hockey will begin live streaming on Thursday, April 6 via The Festival of Hockey Facebook page.

Hockeyroos Match Schedule
Tuesday 4 April: AUS v USA 4pm NZST / 2pm AEST / 12pm AWST
Thursday 6 April: AUS v NZL 5.30pm NZST / 3.30pm AEST / 1.30pm AWST
Saturday 8 April: AUS v JPN 3pm NZST / 1pm AEST / 11am AWST
Sunday 9: Finals

Hockeyroos team v JPN 
Athlete (Hometown, State)
Jocelyn Bartram (Albury, NSW) 7/0
Kristina Bates (Port Melbourne, VIC) 3/0
Edwina Bone (Orange, NSW) *plays for ACT 130/3
Jane Claxton (Adelaide, SA) 114/10
Ashlea Fey (Sunshine Coast, QLD) 9/2
Stephanie Kershaw (Townsville, QLD) 9/2
Georgia Nanscawen (Melbourne, VIC) 192/37
Kaitlin Nobbs (Newington, NSW) 7/0
Madi Ratcliffe (Warnambool, VIC) 6/2
Emily Smith (Crookwell, NSW) 166/65
Mariah Williams (Parkes, NSW) 59/7

Used Substitute
Laura Barden (Kew, VIC) 24/5
Kirstin Dwyer (Mackay, QLD) 123/2
Kate Hanna (Constitution Hill, NSW) 12/0
Jordyn Holzberger (Ipswich, QLD) 42/5
Gabi Nance (Kingscliff, NSW) *Plays for SA 51/3
Renee Taylor (Everton Park, QLD) 15/0
Ashlee Wells (Morwell, VIC) 86/0
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Kookaburras win International Hockey Open

Tuesday, 4 April 2017 3:25:50 PM Australia/Sydney

Kookaburras win International Hockey Open

Kookaburras win International Hockey Open

Defeat Pakistan 5 - 3 in final game

Author: Holly MacNeil/Saturday, 1 April 2017/Categories: Hockey Australia NewsKookaburras

Saturday, 1 April 2017 (Darwin, Northern Territory) - Official Hockey Australia match report from the International Hockey Open.

Kiran Arunasalam 4 (PC) 
Mark Knowles 10 (PS) 
Trent Mitton 30 (FG) 
Aaron Kleinschmidt 42 (FG) 
Flynn Ogilvie 60 (FG) 


Abu Mahmood 4, 23 (FG, FG)  
Muhammad Umar Bhutta 21 (FG) 

In a nail-biting final test at the Darwin International Hockey Open, the Kookaburras have won the series and the match with a 5 – 3 victory over Pakistan in a game that was packed with action from the very first minute of play.

Pakistan came to the final match of the International Hockey Open determined, and were paid for that determination by scoring the first of the game with a field goal from Abu Mahmood.

The Kookaburras were not having it, and only seconds later had a penalty corner opportunity. It was Kiran Arunasalam who scored the penalty corner to tie the match back up – his first goal as a Kookaburra.

The action continued with captain Mark Knowles awarded a penalty stroke in the tenth minute of play which he easily knocked into the bottom left of the net past goalkeeper Amjad Ali.

Coming into the second quarter, the lead changed hands again, with a double from Pakistan thanks to Muhammad Umar Bhutta and Abu Mahmood which took the score to AUS 2 – 3 PAK.

In the final minute of play for the half, Trent Mitton scored a field goal from directly in front of the net despite the best efforts of Amjad Ali who threw himself into trying to save the goal.

The third quarter was relatively quiet until the 42nd minute when a quick play down the field saw the ball in the Australian circle where Aaron Kleinschmidt knocked in a sneaky field goal to regain the lead for Australia.

In the final minute of play, a superb piece of team work saw Matt Dawson and Josh Pollard work the ball down to the Kookaburras circle before Flynn Ogilvie made a tricky aerial flick that soared into goal, leaving the final score at AUS 5 – 3 PAK.

Kookaburras head coach Colin Batch said: “I think tonight was the best game of the series, Pakistan certainly brought the game alive with their attacking structure which they’re renowned for. They had a lot of run in their legs which challenged us in deep defence. 

“Twice we had to come from behind tonight, so there are some good lessons for us there. We’ve grown a lot, we’ve tried some different things and we take all of that forward to Azlan Shah, but I’m very pleased with our progress in these four matches.”

The Kookaburras will next take part in the Azlan Shah Cup in Ipoh, Malaysia at the end of April.

Kookaburras squad v Pakistan
Tristan Clemons (Bunbury, WA) 34/0
Ben Craig (Lane Cove, NSW) 12/2
Matthew Dawson (Killarney Valley, NSW) 66/9
Jeremy Hayward (Darwin, NT) 73/26
Aaron Kleinschmidt (Melbourne, VIC) 13/4
Mark Knowles (Rockhampton, QLD) 295/25
Trent Mitton (Perth, WA) 106/44
Flynn Ogilvie (Wollongong, NSW) 47/13
Josh Pollard (Melbourne, VIC) 13/0
Jake Whetton (Brisbane, QLD) 118/48
Tom Wickham (Adelaide, SA) 6/2

Used Substitutes 
Kiran Arunasalam (Doncaster East, VIC) 4/1
Josh Beltz (Hobart, TAS) 19/2 
Tom Craig (Lane Cove, NSW) 28/9
Jeremy Edwards (Hobart, TAS) 12/1
Casey Hammond (Bundoora, VIC) 12/0
Tyler Lovell (Perth, WA) 79/0
Matthew Willis (Tamworth, NSW) 19/2
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