FEATURE: Hockey Zone TV brings hockey action, feature stories and much more to an increasing number of viewers


From a worldwide perspective hockey is in need of more media based TV and IPTV(internet based TV) programs at country and regional based levels to promote hockey and find much needed quality avenues to attract paying sponsors. It is easy to say this but not easy to do and it is for this reason that any hockey/business entity that embarks on this necessity needs the full support not only from the hockey viewer population but by hockey’s governing bodies at all levels.

How? Using every possible promotional avenue and support (e.g., social media, website advertising, media contribution awards etc.). Financial assistance is not out of realm to assist getting these non-mainstream hockey media entities up and going. How? As major hockey institutions receive corporate sponsorship dollars themselves they can use some of these sponsorship funds to promote these corporate companies via these non-mainstream hockey media entities in the form of advertising. In this way maximising exposure for corporate sponsors. A win-win?

HOCKEY ZONE TV – A must see and support hockey specific TV channel

One non-mainstream hockey media TV show that is its fifth year, and despite limited funding and at time hockey institutional support , is going from strength to strength. Hockey Zone was launched in 2012 as an initiative of Hockey Brisbane in association with a talented and hardworking film producer Paul Mills. Paul has a great crew who lend to its professional quality. TV anchor man is Tom Whetton who is the father of talented Kookaburra hockey player Jake Whetton.

Hockey Brisbane saw an opportunity to change the format of its television exposure and also broaden the coverage area to a potential 20 million viewers across Australia and to the world wide audience (currently over 85 countries). Hockey Zone displays its hockey coverage through free to air TV, Livestreaming and designated You Tube Channel. In 2015 700,000 views were listed, three games a week live streamed as well as numerous hockey representative events including the Australia Hockey League (AHL) for the last two years.

Go hockey News has chosen this interview shown recently on Hockey Zone with Kookaburra hockey player, Dylan Wotherspoon for viewing as provides good insight into the hockey upbringing, aspirations, current goals, sacrifices, authenticity of one elite player as he sets his sights on selection for the Rio Olympics. Tom Whetton is the interviewer.

Smileys Person of the week Dylan Wotherspoon

What do people say about Hockey Zone?

Having the Hockey Zone production team here for the two days filming footage and sending games out on the live-stream followed up with the Thursday TV show generated quite a bit of excitement up here at the MDHA grounds and beyond. Now over this past week end many of our people are still on a high. It certainly helped make our Wide Bay Region, “Premier League Finals” a special event……Many were texting friends asking them to go to the live-stream and look out for themselves. Some were receiving messages back stating how good it looked and sounded. There was of course the added bonus of more than doubling our usual revenue for the day.
As I stated earlier the flow on effect is still lingering on. The kids are going to U tube to see themselves and show friends and I am hoping this may translate into some growth also……..I hope other centres make use of the program to promote and generate interest and good vibe as it did here in Maryborough. (David)

Where can you watch Hockey Zone?



See it on 31 Digital (ON Briz 31 – Ch 44 – 31 Digital)
Thursdays at 8.30pm to 9.30pm and on Sunday from 3.30pm to 5pm.


See it on Aurora (ch183 on Foxtel)
Thursdays from 7pm to 8pm and Sunday 12 noon to 1.30pm for the full game coverage.




Give your support to Hockey Zone – It makes sense

Therefore it is in the interest of our sport for hockey lovers as well as all hockey associations and the governing body to support and market Hockey Zone (and any other commercially viable TV and IPTV (Internet television) channel )that is dedicated to giving hockey a greater public exposure.

Producer of Hockey Zone, Mr Mills, recognises this need; “We are also looking for local businesses who either make hockey related products or are the employers of our players, as we want to identify not only what you need to play the game but also what our players do while they are not on the field. We have some of the most talented sports people in the country playing hockey and the show is a great way to profile what it takes to reach the top in a sport that is largely unfunded, the standard of dedication and education of the hockey community is something that should be highlighted.”

Keep up the great work Paul and your team. If you would like more information about Hockey Zone the program, the live streaming or have your business featured in the show, you can contact Paul Mills on 07 3865 3032. paul.mills07@gmail.com