With all Australians being urged to #StayAtHome during the coronavirus outbreak, Hockey Australia (HA) is producing a series of daily unique hockey video content aimed at helping you and your family keep healthy, active, engaged and entertained.

The content will be provided by your favourite Kookaburras & Hockeyroos players, various coaches, other High Performance support staff, as well as officials and other members of the hockey community.

So get out your hockey stick, ball and improvise with other items from around your home – it is all about being creative!

In this tough and challenging time, we hope this brings some enjoyment, health and fun into your homes as we go through this unprecedented period together.

Below is a rundown of what to look out for and expect each and every day on Hockey Australia’s social media channels – FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.

And if you miss any of the daily videos, the content for each week will be published in a news article on the website.

Let us know if there are any skills or things you would like to see demonstrated by messaging us in whichever social media platform you are watching on.

Take care of yourselves, your families and each other, and we hope this keeps you excited to when we can all get back out there and take the field again.

Monday 7pm AEST
Kookaburras and Hockeyroos athletes and coaches will teach and take you through specific skills and how to help to improve your game and technique. They will explain, educate and execute varying skills so you can be an even better player once you are back out on the pitch. Even if you only have a confined space to work in at home, these home coaching clinics are sure to help you improve but most importantly keep enjoying everything that is great about hockey.

We also encourage everyone at home to develop their own mini clinic. If there are some drills you have learnt, make sure to take a video of you doing them and use the hashtag #HockeyAtHome so everyone can check them out and learn something new.

Tuesday 5pm AEST
Athletes and coaches will demonstrate drills and exercises in their homes that focus on the basics so you can practise them at yours. And don’t worry if don’t have any cones, markers or training equipment, they will show you how to make use of your household items.

Even for the Kookaburras and Hockeyroos at the elite level, there is a huge emphasis on the basics and doing them right. So find a place in your backyard, front yard, garage or passage and get ready to practise at home.

We also encourage everyone to take a video of themselves practising at home so make sure to use the hashtag #HockeyatHome and get practising!

Members of HA’s High Performance Strength & Conditioning staff, as well as the athletes, will share exercises that you can do at home to stay fit and healthy. This could include strength or cardio circuits, stretching, warm-ups or warm-downs.

And feel free to film your own hockey fit program or exercise and use the hashtag #HockeyatHome when you post it.

The Kookaburras and Hockeyroos coaches, plus other coaches from various levels and some of Australia’s best hockey officials will provide insights and perspectives into a range of different areas of the game. This will include perspectives and clarifications on rules and officiating, as well as special tactical intel from assistant and line coaches.

Thursday 5pm AEST
See above (same as Tuesday).

Friday 12pm AEST
Set yourself up for the week as HA’s experts in this field and athletes give insights into a host of health and wellbeing topics including nutrition, mindfulness, focus, commitment to training and more.

Saturday 6pm AEST
Each Saturday night there will be a special interview with one of the Kookaburras or Hockeyroos. To comprise a mix of hockey related topics and what the players enjoy doing off the field, it is a weekly segment not to be missed as you get to know your world class hockey stars.

Sunday 7pm AEST
They are exceptional at hockey but have you ever wondered what other hidden talents or interests our Kookaburras and Hockeyroos players and coaches have? Every Sunday night get a special insight into one of their favourite off field hobbies…and if you are lucky they may even demonstrate or show us some of their handiwork.

YOUR #HockeyatHome CONTENT
At the end of the week we will feature and showcase some of the best #HockeyatHome videos filmed and posted by you, the hockey community. So get your phone camera out, get filming your best #HockeyatHome and post it up online.

So put all of these times in your calendar each week and join in with #HockeyAtHome.