Hockey Australia wishes to convey its support of the Australian Government’s recently launched COVIDSafe mobile app.

The COVIDSafe app speeds up contacting people who could have been exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19), which in turn helps to protect the community and assists Australia’s health officials and workers in containing the virus.

Proud of its reputation as an inclusive, gender equal and family friendly sport played by people of all ages, Hockey Australia encourages everyone in and associated with the wider hockey community and beyond to download the app.

“By receiving early notification of exposure to COVID-19, it could help save someone’s life or a family member, friend or colleague,” said Hockey Australia CEO Matt Favier.

“We and everyone in the wider hockey community want people back being able to play hockey as soon as possible, and by everyone downloading and using the COVIDSafe app, it will enhance the likelihood of this happening earlier.”

“The more we all do in following government directives such as downloading this app, heeding the necessary medical and safety advice, and continuing to stay at home, the better placed our country will be in not only flattening the curve but making our country safer and lifting restrictions so people can get back to playing sports they love like hockey.”

You can download the free COVIDSafe app for your iOS or Android mobile device by clicking here.