Hockey Australia welcomes the recent announcement that the National Cabinet has endorsed National Principles for the Resumption of Sport and Recreation Activities allowing for a staged return of community and professional sport.

‘The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment’ outlines details to guide the Australian community to resume the playing of sport in a considered way. The details of the framework can be found here.

Hockey Australia Chief Executive Matt Favier said the framework is welcomed by the entire hockey community at this time.

“These guidelines are incredibly sensible and practical and they provide the necessary details around the requirements that sport, from community to high-performance, needs to consider as we approach the resumption of play,” said Favier.

“Dr David Hughes, AIS Chief Medical Officer is one of the world’s leading Sports Medicine practitioners and has led the development of this framework in collaboration with the Chief Medical Officers (CMO’s) of Australia’s National Sporting Organisations, including Hockey Australia’s CMO Dr Peter Steele.”

“Hockey Australia encourages all hockey clubs and associations to begin undertaking their own review of these Principles and to prepare for what we expect will be a staged return to playing hockey.”

“As we noted last Friday, Hockey Australia and the Member Associations are working towards providing guidance and support for the hockey community around the resumption of play, and the release of these guidelines are welcomed in terms of timing and detail.”