Kookaburras win v India in Bendigo

Kookaburras win v India in Bendigo

Win second test 4 - 3

Author: Holly MacNeil/Wednesday, 30 November 2016/Categories: Hockey Australia NewsKookaburras

Trent Mitton 13 (FG) 
Jake Whetton 23 (PC) 
Jeremy Hayward 38, 54 (PC, PC) 

INDIA 3 (3)
Akashdeep Singh 6 (FG)  
Raghunath Vokkaliga 22, 25 (PC, PC) 

A double from Jeremy Hayward has helped seal the victory for the Kookaburras in their second test in Bendigo against India, with goals from Trent Mitton and Jake Whetton rounding out Australia’s score.

Only six minutes into the first quarter and India took charge of the game, taking the first goal out with a field goal flicked by Akashdeep Singh sneaking in past goalkeeper Andrew Charter.

Eleven minutes into the quarter and the Kookaburras had their first chance at goal with a penalty corner, but the goal was well defended by India and the Australians remained goalless. Thirteen minutes in, and there was a scramble in the Australian D, before Trent Mitton went for a flying flick, knocking the ball into the top left of the net from the bottom right of the circle.

The Kookaburras were the first up for a chance at goal in the second quarter with a penalty corner opportunity coming their way. The shot went high leaving the score line tied. India followed suit with their own chance at a penalty corner and captain Raghunath Vokkaliga scored the goal. 

Australia equalised only a minute later with Jake Whetton scoring a penalty corner goal from a deflection from Chris Bausor, tying the score. Two minutes later and Raghunath Vokkaliga gave India the lead again with a second penalty corner conversion.

The third quarter saw the score equalise yet again, with Jeremy Hayward knocking a penalty corner strike in past Indian goalkeeper Akash Chikte and his team of defenders.

India were up for a double penalty corner early in the fourth quarter, the first was defended by Matt Dawson, and the second saw the trap missed by India. It was Australia’s turn for a penalty corner only minutes later, with Jeremy Hayward smacking the ball into the back centre of the net giving Australia the lead for the first time in the competition. 

India responded by taking their goalkeeper off in exchange for an additional field player with two minutes of play to go in the game. It was Australia’s night though and they came away with a 4 – 3 victory over the visitors to round out the two-game test in Bendigo.

Kookaburras interim head coach Paul Gaudoin said: “It’s nice to win, but we certainly didn’t play well, it was a very scrappy game with cards for both sides. I guess what we’re trying to highlight to some of our young guys is that sometimes you have to grind out a win and I think we did that today, we found a way to win.”

Gaudoin continued: “We’ve got a high standard and I don’t think we got there today. What we did do, is we learnt a lot about some of these players so we’ll be able to go back and really give them some clear ideas as to where they need to improve for the next few years.”

The two-game test in Bendigo were the Kookaburras last games for 2016, with the series a draw after India's win in game one.

Kookaburras squad v India
Andrew Charter (Canberra, ACT) 122/0
Ben Craig (Lane Cove, NSW) 8/0
Matthew Dawson (Killarney Valley, NSW) 62/8
Kieran Govers (Wollongong, NSW) 120/56
Jeremy Hayward (Darwin, NT) 69/24
Trent Mitton (Perth, WA) 102/40
Flynn Ogilvie (Wollongong, NSW) 43/12
Josh Pollard (Melbourne, VIC) 9/0
Jake Whetton (Brisbane, QLD) 114/48
Matthew Willis (Tamworth, NSW) 16/2
Aran Zalewski (Margaret River, WA) 106/15

Used Substitutes 
Chris Bausor (Perth, WA) 23/2
Daniel Beale (Brisbane, QLD) 96/16
Robert Bell (Brisbane, QLD) 7/0
Scott Boyde (Brisbane, QLD) 7/1
Casey Hammond (Bundoora, VIC) 8/0
Aaron Kleinschmidt (Melbourne, VIC) 9/2

Unused Substitutes 
Tristan Clemons (Bunbury, WA) 30/0