Shin pads or shin guards need to provide the best possible protection while at the same time be not inhibiting to your hockey performance. There are numerous types of hockey shin pads in the market today to meet customer playing needs and pricing demands. Unlike yesteryear where soccer and hockey shin pads had parallels the technology of today’s hockey shin pad is made to be sport specific. 

In this article we have focused on the best types of shin pads offered by leading global hockey brands. They are listed below. There are common elements found in all these leading hockey brands. These are;

  • Anatomical shape to mould as close as possible to the shape of the leg to maximise comfort and biomechanical significance  
  • Attention to covering the ankles with the lower wing shape
  • The shell is made of a lightweight yet extremely resilient moulded plastic, carbon or  polycarbonate material which is to take severe ball or stick impact. 
  •  The shin pad shell has a tough fabric covering that can removed to be washed for hygiene purposes.

It is amazing how that once a hockey brand has developed a new product where the benefits are quickly accepted by consumers that the other brands ‘jump’ on board. Hence why the shin pads featured below are not dissimilar and will be the consumer decision of choice that will be reflected by product availability, brand consciousness, price and experience. 

Selecting a shin pad 

Shin pads should cover the length of your leg, from ankle to knee minus 2-2.5 centimetres They should offer maximum protection while at the same time not hindering performance of the hockey player. To test if there is any hindrance put the shin pads on in the correct way then bend the leg at the knee (flexion action) to test if the shin pad does not rub the upper leg. They should fit anatomically 

Shin Pad Care 

The best advice we can give players who wear shin pads it to remove them as soon as their activity is finished, this prevents the legs from sweating and getting irritated. Once at home it is best to take your shin pads out of your bag and air them, but do not place them on a radiator or somewhere very warm as this could dry out the shin pad and possibly lead it to crack and break. The outer covering should be removed and washed regularly in warm soapy water. It is advised not to dry them in a clothes dryer. 

GO HOCKEY NEWS – the best shin pads to buy


The Safety Shin Pad was the first to revolutionise shin pad design in years past. The Mazon Safety Delux became the modern version of the original prototype. It is recognised as the ultimate in shin and ankle protection. It is designed to minimize skin irritation and fit securely to your leg with velcro straps. It includes the removable Deluxe Inner. The unique moulding process produces a shin pad that is anatomically shaped for protection and comfort. Light-weight and tough, the Mazon Safety Deluxe Shinguards have an unbeatable 5 year guarantee and come with a free shin pad carry bag. *Made in Australia *5 Year Guarantee


A fantastic piece of protective equipment which will help you stay at your top level for longer. The high density shield is well moulded to provide you with optimal coverage and mobility. Complete with a removable plastic shield for ease of moulding to your personal shape and to clean the foam covering, this strapless shin pad won’t be noticed until it gets called up to action.


High impact outer shell design increases impact resistance. Anatomically molded design with fixed foam lining helps reduce the risk of leg injury and provides a close and comfortable fit. Soft feel mesh covering with additional twin elasticated strap fitting for added comfort.


The Malik Protector Shin Guards offer great protection at all levels. The PVC moulded Shin guards offer both shin and ankle protection. The padded inners give you maximum comfort and help ensure a perfect fit. It features velcro straps that wrap around the legs to ensure that perfect fit.

TK S1 Plus

Delivering unparalleled performance every time, the Synergy accessories respond to your protection needs. The Synergy Shin Guards not only deliver performance but feature a removable inner. Material: Hard Plastic