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Osaka Pro Tour Ltd Show Bow (Super Light)

All Pro Tours are built mainly with a minimum of 22 layers of 3K Japanese Carbon Fibre, laid down in alternating orientations for the optimal balance of stiffness and unique Osaka feel.



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The Osaka Show Bow is our next innovation with regards to ground-breaking stick shapes, we have taken the profile of our fantastic Pro Bow shape and combined it with the late bow design of the legendary low bow. The maximum bow point lies at 200mm from the cross with a max height of 24mm. This makes for a cutting edge stick shape ideal for lightning fast dribbling skills without compromising on drag-flicking accuracy and power.

Brand Osaka
Product type Sticks Senior Composite
Colour Black
Age Group No
Gender No
Stick Bow Late-Bow
SPECS Available in Super light or light Showbow 24mm bow height 200mm max bow position
HANDLE 30mm thick Osaka Pro Touch BLACK (buffed and perforated) 1,5mm VibraStop foam layer  
HEAD 45° angle 115mm length  25mm thick  Kevlar reinforcement   
CONSTRUCTION 98% carbon  1% Kevlar Cross reinforcement 1% Aramid Backhand Blade reinforcement   

Check Your Size

This is our recommendation only. Some players may prefer a size up or down as this is their personal choice.

Players Height (cm)
Recommended Stick Size:

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