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Rules Of Field Hockey


Below you can download the rules for each format of the game : Outdoor Hockey (11 a-side), Indoor Hockey, Hockey5s, Beach and Para-ID Hockey. 

Outdoor Hockey (11 a-side)

The 2017 edition of the rulebook, which comes into effect on January 1st 2017, is available below, along with the previous 2015 version and amendment from February 16th 2016.

FIH Rules of Hockey 2017.pdf (584.0 KB)
Rules of Hockey 2015 (527.8 KB)
Hand Protection Measuring Box.pdf (75.2 KB)
Rules of Hockey 2015 - Adjustment to Rule 13.2 as at 16 February 2016 (126.5 KB)

Indoor Hockey

As with the Outdoor Rules, The 2016 edition of the rulebook, which came into effect on January 1st 2016, is as below; as is the 2017 edition, which comes into effect on January 1st 2017 for International Hockey, although Continental Federations and National Associations may, if they wish, implement the changes sooner for matches within their jurisdiction.

Rules of Indoor Hockey 2017.pdf (2669.7 KB)
Rules of Indoor Hockey 2016 (642.1 KB)


Hockey5s was created for the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing and has been hailed a great success. The current rules are available below along with guidelines for umpires on this new format. 

Hockey5s Umpires Briefing 2016 (210.5 KB)
Hockey5s Rules - 2016 (260.4 KB)

Beach Hockey

The FIH will be promoting Beach Hockey as a complementary version of the sport to traditional 11-a-side hockey, Indoor Hockey and Hockey5s.

Beach Hockey Rules - 2016 (275.4 KB)

Para-ID Hockey

Para-ID Hockey is a further complementary version of the sport. The Rules of Para-ID Hockey are below, together with a Short Version of these Rules.

Para ID Rules - 2016.pdf (203.8 KB)
Para ID Rules - 2016 (Short Version).pdf (180.8 KB)